Conditions of Use

    Terms and Conditions

    §1: General Provisions

    Orders from private and commercial customers of STS GmbH. are subject to these terms and conditions. Contracting party is the STS Sport & Trends & Shoes GmbH Lessingstr. 6, 33161 Hövelhof, in the following referred to as STS Sport & Trends & Shoes  GmbH.. Conflicting conditions of the customer or conditions differing from those indicated in our terms and conditions are not valid for us. This applies even if we carry out deliveries without reservation in full knowledge of conflicting conditions of the customer.







     § 2 payment 
    PAYMENT IS REQUESTED WITHIN 7 DAYS AFTER you placed your order

    European Customers can pay by Paypal, Moneybookers (Skrill) (credit card) or bank transfer
    International Customers can pay by Paypal or moneybookers (Skrill) We reserve the right to cancel your order and to re instate the item should payment not be received
    Information for Postal Payments
    Postal payments: Please make payments payable to STS Sport & Trends & Shoes GmbH., Lessingstr. 6, 33161 Hoevelhof, Germany.
    Please make sure that you include your address, name and order number with your payment. If these details are missing, there could be a delay with your order.
    Please complete checkout on our website with afterbuy. This will help you the buyer and the seller as it passes your address automatically to our system and it will also give you our posting address.
    Information for Paypal Payments
    An automatic email will be sent via afterbuy upon receipt of your paypal payment.

    §3: Warranty, Guarantee

    The statutory warranty period of two years for defects attributable to material or manufacturing defects is valid unless otherwise stipulated by the manufacturer. This warranty is valid as long as the equipment is used appropriately and only for the intended range of uses and purposes.
    Unless stated otherwise, all specified warranty periods are valid for home use, i.e. the unit is at home and exclusively for privat use. Light commercial and semi-professional use is understood as usage of no more than three hours a day under constant supervision. There is no entitlement to a warranty for intensive or unsupervised use unless professional studio use is warranted explicitly.
    In case of defects, STS Sport & Trends & Shoes GmbH.,  reserves the right to a one-time rectification.
    Even after the official warranty expires, STS Sport & Trends & Shoes GmbH.,  will supply you with spare parts at cost price as long as they are available.
    Transport damages have to be reported to the carrier when goods are delivered. Hidden transport damages have to be reported in writing to STS Sport & Trends & Shoes GmbH.,  within 5 working days.

    §4: Right of Withdrawal, Exchange

     According to the distant selling law (Fernabsatzgesetz), you the consumer have the right to withdraw your order within 14 days of receipt of the goods. This right of withdrawal is ineffective for sealed goods that can be copied, if the packaging is opened or damaged, e.g. CDs, DVDs, videos, software and books, as well as for foods. In addition, orders from commercial customers and orders from non-european foreign countries are excluded from the right of withdrawal under the distant selling law.
    The withdrawal does not require any justification and has to be declared in writing (by mail or fax) or by return of the unused and packaged goods.
    To comply with this term, it is sufficient to dispatch the withdrawal or the goods in time to: STS Sport & Trends & Shoes GmbH
    , .Lessingstr. 6, 33161 Hövelhof, Germany.

    After we receives the goods and after consultation, the customer will receive a different item, or we will refund the purchase price, if already paid, to the customer. The charges of the return shall be in the responsibility of the customer if the returned goods cost less than EUR 40.00. The charges for return for orders exceeding EUR 40.00 shall be in the responsibility of  STS Sport & Trends & Shoes

    If you want to return something, please let us know before by phone or by email. Please stamp smaller packages as a standard parcel. In that case, we will refund the shipping charges afterwards to you. If you choose a more expensive form of delivery or an unfranked return shipment, we only refund the shipping costs for the amount of such a standard parcel. In case of larger or bulkier orders, a carrier is assigned to pick up the goods after receipt of a withdrawal.

    In case of a valid withdrawal, goods, services and payments received on either side shall be returned. If used goods are returned,  STS Sport & Trends & Shoes
    GmbH reserves the right to demand compensation for the time of use of such goods. In case of deterioration in the quality of the goods, compensation can also be demanded. No claims shall be admissible if loss of value should exclusively derive from testing.

    §5: Applicable Law and Retention of Title

    German law, under exclusion from CISG, is applicable to completed contracts with the STS Sport & Trends & Shoes GmbH..
    The delivered goods remain the property of the STS Sport & Trends & Shoes GmbH until all receivables are completely paid.

    shipping costs:



    shipping costs




    Deutschland mit Inseln, auch Packstationen möglich (DHL)

    Deutschland ohne Inseln und keine Packstationen (GLS)

    6,50 €

    4,90 €


    Österreich (GLS)

    7,50 €


    Schweiz (DHL)

    9,50 € (bis 1 kg =
    ca. 1 Paar Schuhe)

    19,00 € (bis 2 kg = bis
    zu 2 Paar Schuhe)


    Spanien (DHL)

    9,50 € (bis 1 kg =
    ca. 1 Paar Schuhe)

    17,00 € (bis 5 kg = bis
    zu 5 Paar Schuhe)


    Frankreich (GLS)

    9,50 € (bis 1 kg =
    ca. 1 Paar Schuhe)

    17,00 € (bis 5 kg = bis
    zu 5 Paar Schuhe)


    Italien (GLS)

    9,50 € (bis 1 kg =
    ca. 1 Paar Schuhe)

    17,00 € (bis 5 kg = bis
    zu 5 Paar Schuhe)


    Belgien, Niederlande, Luxemburg (GLS) + Dänemark (GLS)

    7,50 € (bis 1 kg =
    ca. 1 Paar Schuhe)

    17,00 € (bis 5 kg = bis
    zu 5 Paar Schuhe)



    Großbritannien ohne Inseln (GLS)

    9,50 € (bis 1 kg =
    ca. 1 Paar Schuhe)

    17,00 € (bis 5 kg = bis
    zu 5 Paar Schuhe)


    Albanien, Andorra, Armenien, Aserbaidschan, Azoren, Belarus, Bosnien-Herzegowina, Bulgarien, Estland, Färöer, Finnland, Französisch Guayana, Georgien, Griechenland, Grönland, Guadeloupe, Irland, Island, Jugoslawien, Kanarische Inseln, Kasachstan, Kroatien, Lettland, Liechtenstein, Litauen, Madeira, Mazedonien, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Moldau, Monaco,  Norwegen, Polen, Portugal, Réunion, Rumänien, Russische Föderation, Schweden, Slowakische Republik, Slowenien, St. Pierre und Miquelon, Tschechische Republik, Türkei, Ukraine, Ungarn, Vatikan, Zypern.

    9,50 € (bis 1 kg = 
    1 pair of shoes)

    19,00 € (2 pair of shoes)


    Rest der Welt Luft Airmail  (USA, Australien, Asien, Afrika) - Versandzeit ca. 1 Woche (versichert per DHL)

    rest of the world with airmail (USA, Australia, Asia, Afrika) - shipping will takes about 1 week worldwide

    bis 1 kg = 9,50 €
    (1 pair of shoes) 


    bis 2 kg = 19,00 €
    (2 pairs of shoes)






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